Recommended books for (budding) risk professionals

Risk related books are a dime a dozen nowadays. Many are rehashing the stuff that was new and hot a couple of decades ago, fewer are keeping up with the industry maturation and even fewer are applying the academic learnings to the industry. Here’s a short list of a few books that I’ve read in the past and re-read now, either for reference, for new appreciation of the depths that I missed before, or to see if they’re still current.

Thinking about thinking: risk analysis edition

I’m catching up on my reading and one of the books I’m often going to for quick references is Charles Yoe’s “Principles of Risk Analysis”. There is a great chapter in Morgan D. Jones’s (1998) book The Thinker’s Toolkit. It is called “Thinking about Thinking,” and its primary thesis is that the human mind is not analytical by nature. He explores the fallibility of human reasoning and suggests that the best remedy for the mind’s ineffectiveness is to impose some structure on the way we think.