Why Prismatic is not 'it' for me anymore.

I’ve been an avid user of Prismatic since July 2012 (just checked my old tweets and that’s when I first tweeted a Prismatic link). When I first found out about the service it was the best thing since sliced bread, since it allowed me to find the stories that would otherwise be buried in the avalanche of “more popular” stories and I really didn’t want to read the same opinion piece rehashed and regurgitated by all and sundry of the popular news media.

You could say Prismatic hit the spot for me. It was a serendipitous find, like so many others. It came right in the time when google reader and Feedly just weren’t it anymore because following established blogs and feeds resulted in too much noise and not enough signal (not to mention the deafening echo chamber). Prismatic was a news aggregator that guaranteed I’ll find analysis, opinion pieces, and news outside of the standard social media feeds I already receive.

And then it got better: Prismatic released an iOS app and it was a thing of functional beauty: the screen real estate was given to the main star of Prismatic - the articles. You could press or swipe on the articles, you could hold on the articles to get a small and functional menu that disappeared the moment you lifted your finger. In short, it was designed for touchscreen devices. And it was heavenly.

Unfortunately I might’ve been in the minority of Prismatic users to think so, because more recent versions of the app removed everything that made Prismatic great. First there was the (well designed but unsightly for those of us wishing for full screen articles) bottom bar with all the menu options. Then Prismatic indicated, with the Preview (used to be beta) site, just where they are planning to take this once wonderful news aggregator: yet another social network, this one based on “common interests”.

To me, this is final nail in the Prismatic coffin. I loved the old article algorithm that gave me articles based on my interests and old articles I interacted with on Prismatic. The new (Preview) Prismatic forces me to wade through stuff people in my Twitter feed like, share, etc. Well, guess what - I already see all that on Twitter. I don’t need, nay, want to see it again on the site I go to for something refreshing.

But, what I don’t like seems to be what others love, because Prismatic has grown from a little known news aggregator in mid-2012 to the much used news aggregator/news sharing site in the late-2013.

Me? I’m on the lookout for something new and different, something that will give me the stuff I don’t see linked fifteen times in an hour on Twitter and Facebook.