Shrill voices never help in a crisis, but they are the first to be heard

Ever since Stuxnet thundered on the global scene in the second half of 2010 the world has been awash with fresh doses of FUD. Slowly but surely calmer and more pragmatic heads are prevailing:

Stuxnet: It’s a real threat, but not something we should shovel money at - By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense

The correct response to Stuxnet is to acknowledge the risks of cyber war, but be discerning in our reaction. We must separate the sensational from the legitimate, and only invest in valid and practical strategies. Only some projects and policies deserve American tax dollars. But we should also be weary of under-reacting, and chalking up the notion of cyber war as nothing but profit-driven hype. It would not be in our nation’s best interest to put our head back in the sand and ignore the real and tactile threats that could heavily damage our country.

Until next time something similar happens and shrill voices cry for security now, darn it!