Australian Attorney-General is his own biggest enemy

I promise not to go through the whole “it’s not identity theft, it’s identity fraud” discussion here. The article misses that point, but that’s to be expected. What really got my goat, though is the following:

McClelland tells us that […] “The survey also revealed that the majority of identity theft or misuse occurred […] through the loss of a credit or debit card (30 percent). Stolen identify information was primarily used to purchase goods or services (55 percent) […]”

OK, so we’ve bundled credit card fraud (not identity fraud) and misuse (not even credit card fraud) and called it all “identity theft”. Nice way to sensationalise results. But, wait, there’s more.

The results are from an online survey with self-selected participants. In other words, unless by sheer coincidence the results are not representative of the population using the internet, let alone population as a whole.

Bringing Australian laws in line with the rest of the world, and joining the Budapest Convention are laudable goals and should be supported by AG’s actions. Sadly, this circus that we are seeing so far detracts from it.