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DNI Clapper on economic espionage

[gallery] icontherecord: Statement by Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper on Allegations of Economic Espionage September 8, 2013 It is not a secret that the Intelligence Community collects information... »

Risk Appetite Redux

In the “Risk, risk everywhere and not an appetite for it” post I proposed the following spur-of-the-moment-inspiration-through-significant-dose-of-caffeine definitions for risk appetite and risk tolerance: “Risk appetite: This is your general,... »

It's the utility, stupid!

"Managers who are isolated from the intelligence customer tend to monitor the quantity of reports produced and level of polish in intelligence products, but not the utility of the intelligence... »

Things that never die

Middle of CIO presentation to the IT leadership team. Scheduled antivirus scan kicks in. PowerPoint slows to a crawl. IT Security: presentation embarrassment enabler since 1990’s.... »

Global Risk Management Survey 2013

Global Risk Management Survey 2013 View results of the Aon 2013 Global Risk Management Survey. More than 1,400 respondents from 70 countries in all regions of the world ranked... »

What if there are no dragons there?

Remember those old maps with “there be dragons” drawings over unknown and uncharted territories? All the beliefs that “elsewhere” is full of danger, people that are... »

Information, noise, and perception management

In the more rigorous (you may as well say academic) approach to information operations (warfare) information distribution is part of the attack surface. Ways to affect (subvert, sabotage, modify, …) information... »

7 stages of risk management

There’s generally accepted 7 stages of risk management that so wonderfully coincide with 7 stages of grief.Stage 1:Grief: Shock or disbeliefRisk Management: Establish the contextColloquial: WTF?!Stage... »

Active defence strikes again

World Affairs Journal has a lengthy but worthy article on active defence in cyberspace. Read it, if for nothing else then for choice quotes of either unadulterated stupidity, or (also... »

Strategy. You keep using that word ...

A successive reading of a couple of articles today reminded me that too often the word strategy is used without articulation of the level that this strategy is applied and... »