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Urbicide, cybercide and living memory

Is revision of history, so thorough that it is impossible to prove it, possible? The short answer, of course, is yes. In the past such revisions would take generations and... »

The Chinese way of collecting data

Just like the Russian intelligence services make a great deal of using traditional tradecraft and Western agencies prefer clear-cut approach which leaves no doubt in the asset's mind who they... »

Cyber: what does it even mean?

Cyber is hot property nowadays. There’s not a “thought leader”, an organisation, a think tank, an industry body, government body, and the list goes on and on and on.... »

Intelligence Chinese style (part 1)

Too often we hear about the "Chinese threat" which generally makes Chinese army and polity seem like a monolithic structure: to the (uninformed) outsiders, the journalists covering the issue, and... »

When you use ordinal scales ...

... you are committing a cardinal risk management sin. Of course that doesn't stop people from continuing to do qualitative risk assessments, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that so long... »

China's Crackdown on Cyber Activism

To argue that one case led to the abolishment of either system is as simplistic as it is to argue that online activism is capable of having influence without corresponding... »

Cyberwar? Bah humbug.

Another poll, another breathless doom and gloom prognostication. This time cyberwar is seen as top threat facing US: Cyberwarfare is the most serious threat facing the United States, according to... »

African Union's draft Cybercrime Convention

TL;DR: African Union’ draft Cybercrime Convention: Majority of the Convention is spent defining legal protection for entities and persons using the internet and other electronic means to do business.... »

Real clear communications: Crisis

This simple list of four basic rules of crisis communications couldn’t be any shorter, yet we see so many people still get it wrong. In a crisis, a leader... »